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    Old Menus Perusing



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    Old Menus Perusing

    Post by ChefboyrG on Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:41 pm

    Hi y'all,

    Seattle Bear here. Excited to be a part of the team. I was hoping you all could email me some of your favorite menus of times past, or just old menus in general? I want to take a look how you laid them out in terms of flow, cold dishes vs hot, etc. Hoping to snag some inspiration from you gangsters as well. info@cowbybearseattle

    Seattle Bear

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    Re: Old Menus Perusing

    Post by Admin on Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:28 am

    Hi Bear Bear,

    My name is Aleppo, and I will be joining the CXB family soon down here in Savannah, GA! Maybe you don't recall our time in Haiti, you know, when you shot my eye out with that air rifle? And then dragged me to a witch doctor who bound a stained-glass eyepatch to my face and now I can taste colors? No, not jogging any memory? Haha, no worries my friend, we were pretty gone on absinthe that night. But thank you for setting me up with this gig down here, the beautiful people of Savannah are hungry for more to add to their ever-emerging culinary scene. Who knows, maybe we can get together with Sean Brock and kick out some events? Or get cast as an extra in one of the many films being shot here! Oh the possibilities!

    Oh, but hey, the main reason I wanted to reach out to you is because I was out on the islands gathering conch when I stumbled across a washed up trunk. It had COW BY BEAR MENUS 2016-2017 spray painted all over it. I thought you might be interested in going over some of those, as well as working together to get people excited all over again for new CXB experience and all that hoo-haw. Once I get all these menus dried out I'll start sending them over!

    Looking forward to rekindling some chef love, Chef! TTFN!

    Po Bear

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